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Language Development Centre Referrals

For a child to be considered eligible for a placement in pre-primary or year 1 at a Language Development Centre (LDC) they will need an assessment by a Psychologist. As part of the assessment process the Psychologist will administer a non-verbal cognitive assessment and complete a behaviour checklist. For a child to be eligible for the LDC they will need to have an IQ in the average range or above.

​A referral to the LDC will consist of:

  1. Parent initial consultation

  2. Administration of Behaviour Checklist in consultation with teacher and explanation of teacher checklists (via phone)

  3. Rapport session with child

  4. Cognitive assessment (non-verbal)

  5. Liaison with teachers and other health professionals as required

  6. Report preparation

  7. Parent feedback consultation

Please note:

For a child to be eligible for a LDC they will need to be assessed by a Speech Pathologist in addition to a Psychologist to ensure they meet the criteria for a Receptive and/or Expressive Language Disorder. It would be useful to start the process for assessment with a Speech Pathologist prior to organising the psychological component of the assessment.

For more information contact us.

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